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Shoreline Highway

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Shoreline Highway

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Sacramento to Marin County was unevenntful.
Arid rolling hills that were not under much agriculture, though there was the occasional vineyard, below. Point Reyes is in the southern end of Sonoma County.
Bodega Bay, North of Shoreline Highway is still California One, that follows the coast north from San Francisco to Eureka; it’s different than the Pacific Coast Highway to the south. The weather is wetter, the foliage more lush. There is a different feel of place. The ocean is more grayish. The landscape is windswept. Trees grow under the influence of the wind.The remains of the reconstructed site of Fort Ross, a Russian-American Company outpost, is now a State Historic Park.

The Shoreline Highway ends at Leggett where the road picks up U.S. 101 in Mendocino County, which adopts the name, Redwood Highway.
Humboldt Redwood State Park

Eureka is more than the name of a town; like it's meaning of exclamation, it was the first place I was able to get online to post.
The mansion home, left, of William Carson, the lumber, railroad and sail-shipping baron of the west coast, built in 1886, is now the private Ingomar Club. It dominates the hill at the north end of town overlooking the harbor on Humboldt Bay. The house across the street, right, is now called the pink lady. Carson built it for his son, Milton. as a wedding gift. According to the plaque presented by the Native Sons of the Golden West, It is a classic Queen Anne’s Eastlake Victorian designed by the Newsom brothers architects of San Francisco and was completed in 1889.

Lumber is a big business and the roads are full of trucks hauling logs.

It was onto Redwoods National and Calif. State Parks.Young elk in a large grove frolic and gesture challenges, above, as an older female grazes, below. The Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway provides a 10-mile drive displaying green ferns and big trees! Coast Redwoods average 300 feet and can tower to 370. They are skinny and are the tallest living things on earth. The Giant Sequoia Redwoods are the largest living things on earth; they are broader and bulkier and they live in the Giant National Park in central California.
It’s not all beauty in the National parks as two U.S. National Park Rangers along with a California State Park Ranger, not seen, but to the right near the white patch, where a subject, with a pickup truck was being arrested in a joint operation.

Just south of the state line, was a fine example of the radio topic of the day from Washington, D.C., the immigration debate. A field of agricultural workers and though I don’t know the ratio of resident aliens to citizens, it was apparent from their dress that many were originally from south of the border.


The road changed names to the Oregon Coast Highway.Bridge over the Coquille River, north of Bandon, rose into the low-lying cloud. At Florence, the road turned up the Siuslaw River valley towards Eugene. The sun reappeared and the road and railroad followed the river, seen here at Cushman.At 9:44 p.m., there was still light in the sky.


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