Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Berry Wins

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The new Mayor elect of Albuquerque is Richard “R.J.” Berry.

The two-term Republican State Representative of the far-east side of the city took a commanding lead of just over 40 percent with the early and absentee vote count. Though he dipped slightly into the very high 30 percent range mid-evening, he then sedately rose finishing with 40.83 percent surpassing the requirement to avoid a runoff.

Berry surpassed his Democratic rivals; incumbent Mayor Martin Chávez who received 35.02 percent and former State Senate Pro Tem Richard Romero who collected 20.98 percent.

Though a non-partisan race by law, party politics played a role in the campaigns, as the Republican Party apparatus pulled together to get out its loyal electorate.

Chávez, who had a broad base from moderate Republicans and business interests of across the political spectrum and the conservative, moderate, and centrist Democratic elements.

Romero represented the Progressive wing of Democratic Party.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Supporters welcomed Berry, left, and unopposed and newly elected District 7 Councillor Mike Cook, right.

District 5 Councillor Michel Cadigan, who temporarily attempted to gather necessary signature to get on the mayoral ballot after saying he would abandon his council seat. Cadigan failed to obtain the signature and announced he would run again for Council.

Dan Lewis defeated Cadigan.

District three Councillor Isaac Benton easily defeated former Councillor and current County Commissioner Alan Armijo, as did District nine Councillor Dan Harris, over David Barbour.

District one Councillor Ken Sancheez was unopposed.

There is a distinct political shift with the election of Cook, towards Republicans.

The new make-up will be a 5-4 split with Republicans: Cook, Lewis, Harris joining Brad Winter, and Trudy Jones. Democrats Sanchez and Debbie O’Malley, represent the middle of the Democratic Party while Benton, above left and Rey Garduño, right, are Progressives.

All bonds, charter propositions and a ten-year extension of the transportation tax passed.

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