Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anonymous, Come On, Join the Party. And Happy Birthday UN.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’ve required commentators on this site to use some kind, any kind, of identifier to distinguish themselves from the ubiquitous “Anonymous.”

However, there are some good comments that don’t get posted because “anonymous” is even more stubborn than I am.

Here are a few recent musings:

Thank you Mark ... always insightful ... or inciteful ...

Boy, ya know, I've been away from NM for a long time, and you know how it is, you miss the good stuff and forget the bad. The behavior of councilors throwing out that woman, the giant smile on the cop's face, I had forgotten that side of NM. Crude, repulsive, incredibly disrespectful.

It reminds me of a conversation I had a with a New Hampshire political activist just back from a US tour. I excitedly asked how she liked New Mexicans and New Mexico.

"Animals" was all she said.

Please, clean up your act. Don't act like you were raised in a barn.

What happened to the rest of your post? Don't leave us with just this short teaser -- I know there's a lot more you could tell us.

This comment was about the post of mayor-elect Richard R.J. Berry’s first two political appointments, David Campbell as Chief Administrative Officer and Sheriff Darren White and Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for Public Safety.

I don't get it. What is wrong with these pictures?

Well Anonymous, if you follow this post long enough you will come to the conclusion that not every post is about something being wrong, sometimes there is nothing wrong with any of the posted pictures and there might even be something right.

Sometimes a picture can be right and yet appear wrong.

I was called out recently for a picture of Governor Bill Richardson that appeared to be out of focus, There was plenty of movement in the picture, above left, however the eye closest to the lens was tack sharp, as was his cheek and eyebrow. The problem was exacerbated by the low quality of the resolution of computer monitors.

I blew up the section of Richardson’s face to prove the point. It’s not the first time I have presented, above right, the governor as a man on the move where only his eye is in focus and free of blur.

Speaking of eyes, I challenged my readers to identify nine politicians based only on their eyes. I offered lunch to the first person to identify all nine. Either no one wants to have lunch with me, or I made the contest too difficult. No one even tried.

So, I’ll reveal the subjects. From the top left: New Mexico’s Third Congressional District Representative Ben Ray Lujan Jr., D, former U.S. Sen. Teddy Kennedy, D, Massachusetts, and former first Congressional District primary candidate and former New Mexico Health and Human Services Cabinet Secretary Michelle Lujan-Grisham, D.

Center row: former New Mexico State Representative and House Minority Whip Daniel Foley, R, Chaves, Lincoln, Otero Counties, former New Mexico’s first Congressional District Representative Heather Wilson, R, and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, D.

Bottom row: New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, D, New Mexico State Representative and House Minority Leader Tom Taylor, R, San Juan County, and former New Mexico Senate President Pro Tempore Manny Aragón, D, Bernalillo County.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

As part of my 40 years series, this model was shot at the New York Institute of Photography as an assignment.

The picture was presented with a third place award in the in-house contest. I was told that the contest was based on more than just the best photograph; it was also used to help students with their portfolios. I was told by my advisor, who was also one of the judges, that my photograph was determined to be the best submitted, but because I already had a strong portfolio, they had another student in mind for the top award.

Now this story could be about sour grapes, except for one fact; the top photograph was also my work. I had teamed up with a fellow student on an advertising still life assignment. She designed and arranged the product while I set the lighting and camera. We each shot a piece of film using the exact same set-up and exposure. We both also submitted our prints. I give full credit to the young lady for her art decoration; I have no aptitude for such delicate handling. Even then, I was a camera in your face kind of photographer.

This is a 4” x 5” shot of a field assignment. Students were permitted four sheets of film to photograph a single event. We were not allowed to carry another camera or more film. It was a strict discipline of camera control exercise.

October 24, 1969, was the 25th anniversary of the October 24, 1945, ratification of the United Nations Charter.

It was also the day that the World Series Champion New York Mets rolled up Broadway in a celebratory parade. I chose to avoid that crowd and attend the UN ceremony at the ice rink of Rockefeller Center.

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller hosted the event. He was a moderate Republican who ran for the Party's presidential nomination in 1968, losing to Richard Nixon. Rockefeller became President Gerald Ford's vice-president in 1974, upon Nixon's forced resignation after the Watergate scandal.

So Happy 65th Birthday United Nations!

The UN’s existence has not ended war, but it has provided a space where differing national interests may be discussed. For all the diplomatic facades and political gamesmanship that are part of the process, the mere fact that the UN is available is reason enough compared to the alternative. It represents an opportunity for nations to air their differences and the possibility to work them out.

If all the nations of the world can sit behind their name plates and talk openly, why can't you Anonymous? Let us see your eyes.

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