Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Matthew Astorga

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

There is no picture. However, picture this; Matthew Astorga of rural Lansing, Kan., was arrested in Leavenworth, Kan., charged with first-degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm and fleeing or eluding police.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

It has a familiar ring to it....

Leavenworth Times Reporter John Richmeier wrote of a Matthew Astorga being arrested.

Is this the same Matthew Astorga, brother of Michael Paul Astorga, who is accused of, and is awaiting trial in the death of Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff James McGrane Jr.? McGrane was shot to death during a traffic stop on March 22, 2006,

Google search is a wonderful resource. Type in a name and voila, up pops a list of links to information on that request.

I got an e-mail from a man who had gone looking for additional information on Astorga.

My May 2006 posting was number one on the Google list. I posted the man's name, but he's requested anonymity. I'm breaking my rule on using an anonymous source; though he is actually an unnamed source. He was none-to-happy about the reported crime.

I read you article on title "Whats wrong with this picture" and the Astorgas. Last Friday, Matthew Astorga murdered a man in Leavenworth, Ks. He's chargd with 1st degree murder and has a 1 million dollar bond. I'm not sure the judge reaizes when this gets bail, he's gone! I was amazed that he is a former murderer with such an obtainable bond.

How our local law enforcement did not know this guy was living and no doubt "dealing" in our community and is a convicted felon amazes me!

The City of Leavenworth Police are of the belief that the man they have is the Astorga of Albuquerque.

Kansas City's KHSB NBC Action News reports Astorga was from New Mexico. Other Local television, KCTV 5 news reports give more details

Astorga was living in Lansing, a neighboring town of Leavenworth; just northwest of Kansas City.


missin my dad said...

The man that he is talking about is our dad Ruben Rodriguez. He was killed on December 26, 2008. How can this keeping happening? It did happen in Leavenworth,KS. How many more families are going to be torn apart?

joe schmedlap said...

Same fmaily, this one was living there to be close to his other brother (not Michael) who is in custody in Ks for a homicide. Yes, there are three Astorga siblings (although I think one is only a 1/2 brother) and ALL are (now) accused killers.
One only hopes that whatever their mom does now that it does not include writing a book on parenting.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is mariah montenegro iam 16 years old. i understand that matt killed a man. but why i ask? im inside the box you guys are out side looking in. did you know the night before the 25th they shot the house that matt his wife and 2 young kids where in? no! you did not! and you people are talking bad about his father hood...no matt was an amazing father! i dont care what anybody has to say. and DONT talk about his wife she is a caring women who had nothing to do with this! nor did the kids so i dont really understand why there coming up in comment! talk about matt all you want but dont talk about his wife or 2 beautiful kids. i mean who are you all to talk about matt when you really dont know him or what went wrong for him to shot a man. do you believe every thing you hear? (i dont) just because its on the new or in the paper dose not make it 100% true. all im saying is do you know that man that was killed? he had no home...he had no job (besides drugs) he had a wife and a girlfriend any "family" man wouldn't do something like that. and if he was a "family" man why was he in kansas and his whole family in la i dont understand that i mean really people ruben rodriguez was not your loving person i see he has done time as well....(doing time is doing time) matt has done time so has ruben! but i mean people both sides of the family has had a loss...ruben's family has lost ruben and matts 2 kids and wife and family has lost him! ruben has seen his kids grow up have kids...matt on the other hand just has memories and as well as his kids. there only what 1 and 5! and ruben's kids are GROWN. im not truing to say he should of died or anything its just matt was protecting his family who got shot at! to all the men what would you do if another man tryed to kill you kids and wife? and another thing matt and ruben where good friends!

matt is missed and loved bye many!
keep your head up matt!
..::"rip ruben"::..

to the family of ruben
i understand that your missing you father but dont take it out on matt's wife and family they had nothing to do with this they new NOTHING!



christy armell said...

I am honestly tired of the media only showing one side of things. This is how the juctice system tries to ensure that the defendants do not receive a fair trial, which is a right that is guaranteeed by our consititution. So many people rely on the media for correct information. It is a blind person who beleives what they see on TV as the whole truth.

The man that Matthew is accused of killing, stabbed Matthew only days before this situation. A day after the stabbing, of which Matthew was air-lifted to a hospital to help save his life, the family home was shot at. This home included a wife and two small children.

The alledged victim is a known gang member for California. Why was he in Kansas to begin with? And why has the media not covered what the truth is regarding this man?

I am sorry for the loss of this man, but the truth is the truth. Threating phone calls to the family, and threats made of murder of family members in court need to be addressed as well.

I also wonder why this blog is even being maintained by someone in Albuquerque. This alleged crime occured in Kansas, and really has no bearing on what is happening in New Mexico. Matthews brother, Michael is awaiting trial in NM, and it seems that any type of media outlet will work to bring the Astorga name into the mud, and into the spotlight once again. These are the same people who argue that our justice system is fair and just! Nothing is fair about what the media has protrayed regarding this family.