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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Kate Nash, now of the Santa Fe New Mexican, formerly of the Albuquerque Tribune, where she worked two different times for a total of seven years with a two-year stint at the Journal and was the news and photo editors at the University of New Mexico’s Daily Lobo, has a simple yet dynamic photograph of the memorial service for former New Mexico First Lady Alice King on her blog, "Green Chili Chatter."

Nash, right, with KKOB AM 770 News Radio Political Reporter and blogger of "What's the Word?" Peter St. Cyr are waiting to enter the Albuquerque Public Library for an event with Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate U.S. Sen. Barak Obama. Contrary to the sign, they are not satellite trucks, they are, what is now called, “backpack journalists.” It means they are capable of all the news gathering disciplines. They report for: print, internet, audio, video and they shoot still photographs.

Backpack journalist are the new model for corporate media. Many, accomplish several of the techniques, but Nash is one of the few who succeeds completely.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Here, Nash is covering the last Obama event with her: video camera, digital audio recorder, notebook, and though you can't see her still camera, it was there.

I gave Nash a hard time, in a May 23, 2006, posting, about her seeming lack of geographic bearings in locating Albuquerque federal courthouses. However, upon rereading what she wrote; she was correct, I was the one who was incorrect. I misread her. She wrote, "Outside the sixth-floor courtroom at the Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse in Downtown..." I read it as the the six-story courthouse. Sorry about that Kate.

I did post a May 31, 2006, fact check on her missing that former Mayor Jim Baca was Land Commissioner twice, not just once.

Over the years, Nash has appeared on this site several times; either featured in a posting, or my quoting her work, or just having mentioned her in passing.
Here is a list of my other postings that have included her:
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Nash is usually “there,” though she sometimes has to share the Capitol beat with fellow New Mexican Political Reporter Steve Terrell. From the left, at a State Capitol press conference,last week, are: Associated Press' Barry Masey, Terrell, KOAT TV's A.J. Smith, St. Cyr, and the Santa Fe Sun News' Stephen Fox.

She has covered many local events, including:

Covering Mayor Martin Chávez' ethics hearing for the Tribune, with Journal City Hall Reporter Jim Ludwick who broke the ABQPAC story.

Nash, left, with the Journal's Political Reporter Trip Jennings, KRQE TV Reporter Annie McCormick, and KUNM FM Reporter Jim Williams, during Attorney General and 2006 Democratic Congressional Candidate Patrica Madrid at her concession to Republican incumbent Rep. Heather Wilson. Nash has a relaxed interviewing style; her smile helps.

Nash interviewing House Minority Leader Rep. Tom Taylor, R-San Juan during the 2007 special legislative session.

Nash stands on the photo line with local and national press at the Obama Flying Star women event.

Here Nash is staked out at a closed door, big bucks, campaign fund-raising event with the four living Democratic Governors. New Mexico Democratic Party Press Secretary Conchita Cruz acted as gatekeeper.

I have been reading Nash all along.

However, I realized I had not included her on my blogroll, encouraging my readers to read what I do.

I recently found another blog spot I recommend, “La Politica: New Mexico!” by Dr. Jose Z. Garcia, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government at New Mexico State University.

I took this photograph of Garcia for Capitol Report New Mexico where he wrote a political column.

In scheduling a meeting to take this picture he asked if I was the same person who had testified at the bond revocation hearing of Reies López Tijerina, here being escorted by U.S. Marshal Bobby Baca, in the summer of 1969?

I told him that I was and he said he was in the courtroom that day. He recollected, in precise detail, my testimony. No one has been that correct about those events.

He impressed me, like few do.

He was Chairman of the Dona Ana County Democratic Party in the early 1980s.

He is writing from the Democratic side, but as a Professor, he gives a very open assessment.

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