Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Election Day is upon us and I still haven’t decided.

This election cycle has been going on what seems like forever. It feels like its been a continuation of the last mid-term election cycle with nary a change in beat.

Wearing my journalistic beanie, you know, the one with the propeller on top, it’s actually an arrow from a board game. You spin it and make a move according to where it points. I am beyond being a late decider; I have spent the last couple of years just trying to take it all in. I consciously try to refrain from making judgments or decisions, so I can cover campaigns and candidates as fairly as possible. I don’t always succeed in holding back on judging, but I do refrain from making my decision. Now, I have no excuses and I have to decide.

So what’s wrong with these pictures?

They aren’t in any particular order; I just tried to graphically put them nose-to-nose. Maybe that’s my problem? I’ve been looking for the definitive picture and now I have to get beyond the eyes and my ears and make choices. The top selections are:

Presidential candidates Senators John S. McCain, Arizona Republican and Barack H. Obama, Illinois Democrat.

Or is it going to be a middle of the road candidate?

Do yard signs help or just give you a chuckle?

Senatorial candidates, U.S. Representatives, Tom Udall, Democrat and Steve Pearce, Republican.

Congressional candidates, Bernalillio County Sheriff Darren White, Republican and former Albuquerque City Councillor Martin Heinrich, Democrat.

District Attorney candidates, Lisa Torraco, Republican and incumbent Kari Brandenburg, Democrat.

I’ll be voting late this afternoon; it’s more than my civic duty. I may as well savor the campaign season as long as I can. If a race is determined by a single vote, I want it to be the last one cast; mine.

Then it’s on to covering the “Victory parties.” Tomorrow, start dissecting what happened.

I anticipate the recap will feel like a train wreck.

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michelle meaders said...

Did you mean you can't decide about any of the races mentioned, or just President? After what you said about Darren White's history and campaign in the previous story, it looks like you have decided who to vote for there.