Monday, June 12, 2006

The Tribune Again?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Why am I picking on the Tribune again?

Tribune City Hall Reporter Erik Siemers wrote in his blog “Loose Pages” today about Geraldine Amato’s unsuccessful primary run for sheriff as a Democrat. She lost to a virtual unknown; Security Guard Jose E. Chavez.

Siemers wrote of Amato, “She rails against our ‘absentee overlords,’ drives a station wagon with anti-government slogans and seeks the return of ‘lawful government.’”

Here I am nitpicking the Tribune again for getting the simplest of facts wrong.

Geraldine Amato is oft times misunderstood, misquoted and despised.

Siemers proves the point. Amato does not drive a station wagon, but an old four-door Chevrolet with a luggage rack and “AMATO” displayed on the front doors. True it is covered with hand-painted sayings but they are not anti-government. One says, “Revolution for a LAWFUL Republic.” On the trunk she quotes the Declaration of Independence, “Our repeated petitions answered only with repeated injury! July 4, 1776!”

On the luggage rack she has, “Let’s put our hearts & hands together… Lets turn to each other not on each other.” She has her name and telephone number posted. Among other things, she has multiple American flag decals and has written, “Unmarked Police Car.”

Hardly anti-government.

Siemers clearly has never tried to comprehend what Amato has to say. Through her obstinate rhetoric there are kernels of truth.

I’m not advocating Amato’s cause beyond her right to speak loud and long at public meetings. If for no other reason than it irritates so many and causes them to lash out at her. Their reactions to her prove that many in local government are intolerant of those who exercise the First Amendment.

No wonder the Tribune’s circulation continues to decline... I'm still reading.


Grokodile said...

She sounds like a nutbird, but it wouldn't hurt the newspaper to do a little fact checking anyway!

Michelle Meaders said...

I read that the other Dem. sheriff candidate, Jose E. Chavez, has a degree in criminal justice. I don't know why he is working as a security guard; apparently it left him too little time to campaign for sheriff.