Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Luis Jimenez Jr.

What’s wrong with this picture?

This is a 1996 sculpture “Fiesa Jarabe” by Luis Jimenez Jr., on the University of New Mexico campus in front of Popejoy Hall.

Jimenez, born 65 years ago in El Paso, Texas, was killed today in his Hondo, N.M. studio in what the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office called an industrial accident.

His work was nationally recognized and culturally significant. His sculptures; can be seen around town at several sites including; two metal sculptures, Howl and Pregnant, currently on display, and a large fiberglass sculpture; "Progress II,” several prints and drawing that are in storage at the Albuquerque Museum. The National Hispanic Cultural Center has two paintings; “El Buen Pasteur” and “Southwest Pieta.” The City of Albuquerque displays his 1983, fiberglass sculpture, “Southwest Pieta” which is located in Martineztown Park at Edith and Roma Avenues, south of Lomas Blvd.

Jimenez and his work will be missed.

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