Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Priorities and Persistence

What’s Wrong With This Picture? 

Yesterday, the 90th day before the November 6, 2012 election, the phone rings and I am engaged by an automated political poll.

As these kinds of polling efforts go, this one is very thorough. As it plods along, the “call waiting” beep comes through. I pick up the other call and it’s my buddy with season tickets to the Isotopes baseball games. He was not sure about the weather, but was willing to take a run out to the park. Sounded good to me, even if we just hung out for a while.

I hung up and the phone immediately rang. I picked it up and the voice from the automated survey picked up with the next question, as if I had just not answered the last question. It went on to the end.

Surveyors must hate me because I willfully stay undecided, so I can keep an open mind about how the political efforts play out and so I can write with as diminished bias as is possible.

So What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Lightening in the area turns a rain delay into a postponement.

With a choice of going to a rained out base ball game or completing an automated survey, I opted for the rain.

However, those pesky pollsters were patiently awaiting me.

With 89 days to the election (but who's counting) can we get a rain-out or two on the polling?

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