Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

With a special session scheduled to open this Friday, the politics are super heated. the lobbyist's benches' await. Gov. Bill Richardson based his call to the legislature on projected revenues from surplus gas and oil tax. However, the fluctuation of the price of sub-terrain resources has devalued the anticipated available money.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

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This is a political triptych of Gov. Richardson and State Sen. Cisco McSorley after a town hall meeting Fri., Aug. 8, on what to do with the State Fair, since the racetrack is being moved.

After Richardson assured the crowd of closer to 150 (than the 250 the Journal reported) that while he was governor, the fair would not move, McSorley buttonholed Richardson, backstage, speaking softly. Then McSorley raised his voice saying, "They're ready to kill you!"

That caught everyone's attention. Whoever was holding a curtain, let it slip as Richardson asked, "The House?"

As the curtain was pulled back, McSorley said, "No the Senate."

McSorley then whispered in Richardson's ear and as he pulled away, he spoke louder, "Forty million will do it."

I followed Richardson and McSorley was gone.

Journalistically, I should have the other details. Attempts to reach McSorley failed. His phone does not have an answering machine, but turns into a fax machine. Therefore, I don't know what $40 million will keep Richardson alive?

Photographically, the story is complete.

I would entitle the triptych after the Wizard of Oz' statement, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

We’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re in the land of enchantment?


Moments after posting this piece, Associated Press Writer Andrew DeMillo, reported from Little Rock Ark. that “A man barged into the Arkansas Democratic headquarters and opened fire Wednesday, fatally shooting the state party chairman before speeding off in his pickup. Police later shot and killed the suspect after a 30-mile chase.”

To assuage any sensitivity that my reporting might have caused, I have no reason to believe McSorley’s comments would denote any threat of actual violence.

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