Thursday, May 15, 2008

For Pete’s Sake!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Peter St. Cyr is the latest political blogger. His site is, Word for Word Community Conversation.

St. Cyr is the morning news reporter at 770 KKOB AM radio. He writes for Albuquerque the Magazine and also works in the public relations industry in the afternoon. His primary client is the Town of Taos.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

I first met St. Cyr when he was getting in my way, turning on his recording equipment at Sheriff Darren White’s Congressional candidacy announcement.

It wasn’t a big deal; I’ve also been known to get into the way of other photographers.

St. Cyr and I each also provide material to New Mexico Politics With Joe Monahan.

A while back, Monahan called for a dinner. The three of us had a fine meal and the topic was, of course, politics. I tried to convince St. Cyr to join the blogisphere and carve out his own niche.

This past weekend, St. Cyr jumped into the blog world. He has a unique take by posting his entire interviews. At KKOB radio he only gets to use sound bite snippets. However, his site will enhance understanding of the newsmakers for the true political junkie.

St. Cyr is a tireless reporter, and will do endless research to better understand the issues for his stories. Here he is with his tools of the trade laid out, while waiting for Mayor Martin Chávez’ news conference where he unveiled a new ordinance, “The Ethical Public Service Act.”

If he asks you a question, don’t try to evade it or avoid it, for he probably already knows pretty much what the answer should sound like.

He has a telephone directory of more than 3,000 contacts programmed into his Blackberry.

St. Cyr’s entry into the blog world adds to an association of politically uncommitted journalists who can’t seem to organize into a single entity. A year ago, I made inquiries of several fellow bloggers to see if a group could be formed into an online news service. Several things happened:
The business model for the internet is fraught with problems. 

Advertisement will not sustain a site until it has a relatively high daily hit count.

Individual bloggers seem to want to do their own thing at their own pace, and...

No one seems to want to take on the role of publisher, editor or designer.

Locally, there is Duke City Fix, which is not so much journalistic in its approach, but does a good job of covering lifestyle, food and entertainment, especially in the Nob Hill area of town. DCF has some fine writers, but they tend not to use a journalistic style in their reporting. That’s fine because they are pretty open in letting their readers know that is not what they are trying to do. Now the New Mexico Independent has come on the scene trying to fill that news niche. Yet, there still is room for more thought and diversity.

It is my belief that Monahan has, by using my photographs and St. Cyr’s audio, formed the ad hoc association. You just have to click on a couple of links to get a wider view from the three perspectives.

Welcome aboard Pete; we look forward to hearing more from you.

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