Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don’t Pay the Ransom, I’ve Escaped!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?
It’s the punch-line of an old joke about the bar flies wondering aloud what excuse they’ll use for being out late and drunk; one says, I’ll just call my wife and tell her....
I haven’t been hanging around bars, but I have been working on a number of large time-consuming projects, which are coming to a head and I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
The projects are not going away, but there might be a little break where I can get a post or two up.
So, to my readers and followers who have been patiently waited and for those who have not been so patient, don't give up or pay the ransom, I do have several stories in various stages of completion that I should be able to get up.
I’ve also been out in the wilderness staring down wild beasts to bring you hair-raising tales.
OK! It’s a coyote in the high regions of Yosemite National Park scrounging for food from any passing motorist who would slow down to take a look.
Yogi Bear over in Jellystone Park with Ranger Smith has nothing on this critter, but it didn’t score anything from a “picanic basket” either.
I have a road trip story, from whence this picture came.
A short planned seven-day trip to California, to see a nephew-godson get married and to visit my mother in the Sacramento area.
Follow my misadventures as a broken differential and a nationwide search for the right part extends my stay.
I have a photographic review of former Governor David Cargo upon his recent passing.
Those big projects have stories behind them also and we still have things to talk about over what is happening with government and how they don’t deal with aspects of the press they refuse to even acknowledge.


James D Robertson said...

So! Aside from that Ms. Lincoln - and I waited all this time. Have you considered professional consultation?

DavidOlson333 said...

Well hurry up already!