Thursday, May 02, 2013

How to Win a Baseball Game

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Take a beautiful Albuquerque evening, at Isotopes Park, let the winds calm down, play back and forth ball, get to the end the ninth inning tied 4-4 with the Memphis Redbirds.
After enjoying the between innings promotional events 
and the antics of the huggable Orbit, winner of best mascot in all of Minor League baseball contest.
Hang out in the dugout with Tony Gwynn eating sunflower seeds and analyzing the game on an off night.
Get the Birds out in the top of the tenth inning on the relief pitching of Australian native Peter Moylan, who pitched two no-hit innings.
Bring to bat Isotopes First Baseman Scott Van Slyke, let him get on base, this time by way of a walk.
Earlier in the game Van Slyke was face down in the mud, hit in the left hand by a pitched ball.
Catcher Tim Federowicz, who had already hit two doubles, scoring two runs, takes a pitch and with a mighty swing places it in the Redbirds bullpen.
The Isotopes bench gathers around Home Plate to greet Van Slyke and Federowicz.
Final score 6-4.

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