Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fabian Chavez, Jr. 1924 – 2013

Former State Senator Fabian Chavez, Jr. died Sunday January 20, 2013.
He was 88.
He served in the legislature from 1951 into the late 60s. He left the State Senate as Majority Leader in 1968.
Chavez was the 1968 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, but lost to David Cargo by a narrow margin.
I first photographed him while I was in High School and he gave his stump speech, Cargo also spoke a different day.
I covered Democratic Party Candidate for Vice President, Maine Senator Ed Muskie’s airport campaign stop at the Albuquerque International Sunport, October 5, 1968. Muskie sat on the platform with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fabian Chavez.
Chavez ran for Congress against first-term Rep. Manuel Lujan Jr. in 1970.
In the top photo, Chavez is giving his stump speech during his run for the U.S. House of Representatives to the Albuquerque Press Club.
He lost to Lujan 59 – 41.
I’ll leave the political details to the Capitol Reporters in Santa Fe, the New Mexican’s Steve Terrell, Tom Sharpe, New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan, and Capitol Report New Mexico’s Rob Nikolewski.


e said...

hidden history (2012 us rpresidential race)

remember when eastwood (republican) gave the throat cut gesture to obama? ... and in return biden gave the finger to ryan? ... and then obama won ... and romney was invited to the white house ... and given a photo of himself standing in front of the presidential desk (as if president) ... as the final laugh? remember that?

the media directed your attention elsewhere.

three "manufactured themes" we all know

Anonymous said...

Just saw an episode of Route 66 starring Martin Milner. The episode featured Sen. Chavez introducing Martin's character to the New Mexico State Senate so that Martin could speak to the Senate regarding the fictitious town of Cordoba and schooling their children. Fascinating episode. (circa 1962 or '63?)