Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jose Delfino J.D. Maes, Jr 1924 – 2012

The man with the golden carbine who supervised the June 8, 1969, arrest of Reies López Tijerina by U.S. Forest Service Agent James Evans, right, backed up by New Mexico State Police officers was Lieutenant J.D. Maes, Jr., left, died December 17, 2012.

He was 88.

He was born in Maes, NM., on March 11, 1924.

In 1979 he retired from the New Mexico State Police at the rank of Major.

I met J.D. Maes Jr., August 8, 2009 at the home of his son, Chris D. Maes and wife, Dianne, of Rio Rancho. Chris Maes was also a retired New Mexico State Police officer whose last assignment was Executive Protection Unit. They both had many a tale to tell.

J.D. Maes Jr,. had worked protecting various governors including, David Cargo and John F. Simms.

J.D. Maes, Jr., was the shift supervisor at the Española State Police Office on the Sunday in June 1969, when Tijerina's wife Patsy, burned two Forest Signs. When arrests were made Maes left Española driving at high speed, arriving moments after Tijerina was taken into custody.

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