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Who Gets to Decide Whom the Media Is? Part Nine: September 13, 2010, Cangiolosi

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Monday September 13, 2010

While having lunch, Sept. 13, 2010, I saw New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Harvey E. Yates Jr. sitting with Martinez’ Campaign Manager during the primary and then Field Operations Director Adam Deguire, Democrats For Martinez Coalition Steering Committee (deleted link) member, and chairman of the Democrats for Barela Coalition, former State Representative Robert Aragon, (D) Bernalillo County and an Albuquerque attorney; a women, whom I did not recognize, was also seated with them.

Martinez’ general election Campaign Manager Ryan Cangiolosi arrived as the lunch broke up; I asked to speak with him. He had to talk with Yates, but returned. I pointed out he had told me at the Martinez education policy press conference that he would call me, but hadn’t.

We talked about him having shut down the questioning without having allowed every member of the press to ask a question.

I also asked why he refused to allow Harold Morgan, above, to interview his candidate.

Cangiolosi asked if I knew how many people wanted to interview her?

I said why do you not want to talk to a syndicated columnist who is published in 10 local hometown type papers around the state that cover more than 40 percent of the state’s population, especially in areas no longer served by the Journal.

 “We just don’t have time for everybody,” he said.

I again asked Cangiolosi to place me on Martinez’ “A” media notification list.

He said he thought I was on the list; I told him I had not received anything.
We engaged in a little back and forth about publishing the pictures I had of him from earlier; the ones his kids thought weren't very good. He suggested it was blackmail and I told him, no, it was a fact, not a threat. If he wouldn’t let me take a new picture I’m left with having to use the old ones.

He let me take pictures of him in his Martinez 2010 campaign shirt.

Cangiolosi would not commit to placing my name on the media notification list.

I mentioned that the State Party had published three of my photographs of Diane Denish on a website they called, “Dishonest Diane Network”. With the disclaimer, “Paid for by the Republican Party of New Mexico and Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate Committee.”

“How do we know they're yours,” Cangiolosi asked?
So what’s wrong with this picture?

October 19, 2010 I wrote a billing statement to New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Harvey E. Yates Jr.
Thank you very much for your interest and use of my photographs of Lt. Gov. Diane Denish you included in a web page entitled “Dishonest Diane”, published on or about, August 30, 2010, that appeared on the New Mexico Republican Party Website.
Over a year ago, then Executive Director Ryan Cangiolosi contacted (me) during the week of July 6, 2009, asking if the Party could use photographs I took for media purposes. I explained to Cangiolosi that I did not allow my work to be used for negative political purposes. Ryan said he understood.
A photograph of mine of Denish appeared on television and on YouTube, as “NM GOP "SAME GAME" TV AD ON DIANE DENISH”. 
Please find attached a bill for the use of my photographs of Diane Denish that you’ve used. 
All rights to the photograph belong to me and are reserved. I’m not sure where the image was lifted because it was used by license on a couple of sites: New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan, entitled, “Di’s Dance,” on Friday, November 02, 2007 and again, entitled, “Di Attacks Mac,” on Friday, April 04, 2008. Monahan’s site is also under copyright.
During last year’s Albuquerque Mayoral/Council campaign Doug Antoon, made a Picture Request by a June 16, 2009 e-mail, writing:
I was wondering if I may use some of your photos, with attribution of course, in some political mailers related to this year’s city election?
I am helping two city council candidates: Mr. Michael Cook, who is running in District 7, and Mr. Dan Lewis, who is running in District 5.
I called Antoon and told him I do not sell my photographs for negative campaigns. We had a lengthy conversation about copyright. He asked, if he took my pictures off the internet what would be the consequences? My response was that they would be severe and I explained about the previous encounter with the GOP.
July 31, 2009
Is there anything I can say to you to convince you to let me use this pic.
Pretty please??? With whatever you want on it.
My response the same day was:
I realize that Antoon was not working for the GOP directly during the 2009 campaign. 
However, sometime after the June 1, 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary, Antoon joined the New Mexico Republican Party as political director.
There is no doubt in my mind that the photograph of Denish being hugged by Bill Richardson is the ultimate expression of their political closeness.
However, the illegal taking of my images and using them in negative campaigning has had a profound affect on my ability to work as a photojournalist on both sides of the aisle. Especially this election cycle I have been frozen out of debates by the Democrats and the Republicans because of how my stolen photographs are used to create negative messages. My reputation is being damaged and I cannot do my work, as neither party will grant me access or information.
It is hard enough getting politicians to allow themselves to be photographed for journalistic purposes, but when they think that I have given my blessing and sold images for negative campaigns the problem is magnified and becomes untenable.
When I mentioned to Ryan Cangiolosi, now Susana Martinez's campaign director, about the use of these three images, he asked, how do we know they’re yours? ….
Emily’s list, a Democratic group that supports women candidates, placed Denish on their website and solicited donations for her.
Emily’s list posted one of my photographs, above, of Denish on their website. It came with the disclaimer, “Paid for by EMILY's List,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.”

I billed Emily’s list my standard "stolen photograph" rate for an otherwise non pre-negotiated publishing. Emily’s list removed the picture from their site and gave me the kiss off. The meaning, Denish has benefited from the contributions generated by the encouragement by use of my stolen picture. It also means that Denish is a co-conspirator in the taking of my photograph from my website.

There is a glaring irony here. I learned of the Emily’s list’s theft and use because the New Mexico Republican Party included the picture in a television ad attacking Denish’s tie breaking votes as President of the Senate, on gambling issues. The TV spot was entitled “Same Game,” published July 12, 2009, that appeared on the New Mexico Republican Party Website, several newscasts, and on YouTube, as “NM GOP "SAME GAME" TV AD ON DIANE DENISH.”

The Republican Party told me they lifted the picture from Emily’s list thinking it belonged to EMILY's List or Denish’s campaign.

I billed the GOP and they paid; Emily’s list refused. I am still trying to negotiate with EMILY's List. Denish might not even know of her involvement. I haven’t held it against her. You might have thought, that with over $2 million, at the time, in the campaign bank account, Denish’s friends at Emily’s list could easily pay their bill without hurting her too much.

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