Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eric Draper

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Eric Draper had free reign to take pictures at Kirtland Air Force Base on May 27, 2008.

So what’s wrong with this picture?
Let’s place the picture in its proper context.

Draper, a former Associated Press photographer who previously staffed for the Albuquerque Tribune, the Pasadena Star-News and The Seattle Times, was the personal photographer to President George W. Bush.
Draper had a front seat to watch the making of history for eight years. He took pictures of all of it along the way. Here during Bush's last official visit to Albuquerque for a fund raiser for Sheriff Darren White's primary campaign, Draper has the backdrops of the presidential aircraft and limousine.
Draper now lives in Rio Rancho and has hung out his political photography shingle.
My blogging buddy Peter St. Cyr, seen above Draper's right shoulder, in the tan cap, in front of Air Force One's engine, has an interview with Draper in this month's Albuquerque the Magazine.
It’s worth the four bucks. Draper’s work is on the net. Agree or disagree with George Bush, the man; the presidential coverage is impressive.
Draper has been replaced at the White House by Peter J. Souza as official chief photographer.

I made this working portrait of Souza a couple of months ago when President Barack Obama came to visit Draper’s hometown, Rio Rancho.
Souza is not new to the White House photographer’s job, he was President Ronald Regan’s official photographer.
Who says images can’t cross Party lines?

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