Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Faster than a Speeding Electron

What’s wrong with this picture?

Political blogger Matt Reichbach, AKA NMFBIHOP, dropped a bomb this morning; he’s quitting.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Reichbach has been at it for three years and thousands of posts.

He’s a political blogger and has established such close contacts he breaks information, even faster than radio news. Now that’s a feat.

Reichbach is pretty much a one sided journalist. His beat is the Democratic Party. He was a backpack reporter, using multi media formats to enhance his coverage.

He’s parlayed his work into more work; he writes for the New Mexico Independent and hosts a radio program.

Now Reichbach’s not actually leaving the electronic world, he’s just trying to go even faster. He’s going to Twitter.

Twitter, is a form of text messaging that is constrained to 140 characters. He already has two sites a personal one, @fbihop, at and the blog site, @nmfbihop.

My Take.

As traditional journalist and the rest of society wrestle with the future of the dead tree form of reporting, he is leading his generation further away from newsprint.

Reichbach is leading the revolution.

The younger generation wants its information faster. I’m not sure that Twittering provides our younger members of society with the necessary amount of information to be sufficiently aware, in the political sense, to be enlightened voters.

I have the sense that the Twitter generation wants tomorrow’s news yesterday.

Reichbach is going to try to get them there.

I do too many obituaries; I've never done one for a living guy; you're a first.

Or, could it just be the Day?

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Catmoves said...

Amazing. The concept of only using 140 words for any kind of reporting has to be a close kin to posting your life philosophy on a bumper sticker. You can be funny, but all the rest is just drivel for small minds. Sound bites and video bits are offensive and show no effort on the part of the postee. Get a job.