Monday, January 12, 2009

We’re Back

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Publisher/Editor Harold Morgan announced the return of Capitol Report New Mexico after a one-year hiatus; we will be back as a newspaper.

CRNM was launched two years ago as a magazine and ran its course for a year.
The group working on the project then looked into the possibility of publishing on line.

The name Capitol Report New Mexico was kept alive as a blog, posted by Morgan.

Monday, Capitol Report New Mexico will be distributed to Legislators, government officials at the State, County and municipal levels, along with lobbyists and selected participants in the governmental process.

The tabloid-sized paper is funded with financial support from the Rio Grande Foundation, a think tank based in Albuquerque. Except for a page reserved for the Foundation, the editorial content is based on the original precepts of the magazine.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

We’re starting from a hole in the ground, literally and figuratively, just like the new Capitol parking structure. We have nowhere to go, but up.

As a niche publication, we tend to focus on the details of the legislative budget process and are first to publish the Legislative Finance committee’s report on their solvency plan for the 2009 fiscal year, officially released today .

The new edition has the same guest columnists as the magazine had: an analysis of the 2008 election by Lonna Atkeson, Tidbits from La Politica with Jose Z. Garcia, and Tax Policy Issues with Richard L. Anklam.

I provided the photographs. For all the fancy electronic media bells and whistles, there is something about black ink on “dead tree” newsprint that I like.

The paper will be posted in pdf form, later in the week, at Capitol Report

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