Wednesday, May 02, 2007

News Flash! Budgetary Update!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Mayor Martin Chávez held one of his “town hall” community gatherings held Tues. at the Bear Canyon Senior Center in Council District 8.

It actually was more a “dog and pony show.” Chávez started the session introducing a dog, up for adoption, from the animal services department. Then he did the pony stuff.

Before a group of about 50, mostly seniors, Chávez introduced his staff. Conspicuously absent was the new Director of Aviation, Nick Bakas.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Chávez pointed out that the police department was close to having 1,000 officers and with the help of Chief Ray Schultz, would have 1,100 officers on the force by the end of the year. “That is almost double the number of officers we had 10 years ago,” Chávez said.

Schultz did not contradict his boss. However, ten years ago there were 830 officers on the department; the authorized strength rose from 900 to 928. The next year the authorized strength was to rise again to 1,003. In the past 10 years, the department has not been able to sustain that number.

Nor did Schultz correct Chávez' mathematics. Almost double of 830 is 1,600 or the other way around if 1,100 is almost double what the number was 10 years ago, then that number would have been less than 500.


Joseph Lopez said...

1) I like that the Mayor cares about homeless canines; really.

2) Politicians "round off" to the nearest 50 per cent or so it seems.

3) So now Nick Bakas is not doing law enforcement anymore? He is a paper pusher now? People like me will never understand the back room manueverings and what it all means when they play musical jobs like this. If they changed the damn retirement laws so we can have experienced cops being cops, why do they have him pushing papers?

4)I am missing something, I guess.

Anonymous said...

1) If the Mayor can succeed in getting a homeless pet into your home, my home, everyone's home, he then can use his various means to make those pets "work for him" i.e. his various pet ordinances.
4) You and everyone else (or so they might hope).