Sunday, March 18, 2007

Green Flash

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s a Green Flash you ask?

A Green Flash is a meteorological phenomenon associated with the Middle East, in particular, the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, were there is a green flash of light just as the top of the sun sets into the desert. Though I had been in the Gulf of Aqabah about 10 years ago, while sailing towards Jordan at sunset, looking across the Saudi Arabian desert, I did not see it. It was later explained that the reason was the atmosphere was too calm.

It was featured in the ship’s daily newsletter and a traveling professor working for the cruise line, lectured on the existence of the green flash. The color green is significant to several countries in the Muslim world where it has cultural and religious meaning. Most notably is the use of green in the Saudi Arabian flag.

Saturday, I was in the far Northeast Heights at sunset. A great deal of dust was in the air and the setting sun appeared to have rings around it of varying intensities.

Immediately after taking this picture, a slight but distinctive green tint appeared in one of the rings. Before I could get the camera back into action, it was gone. Gone in a flash!

The dust, kicked up by the breezy day, unfortunately didn’t take the pollen away in the same flash. Welcome spring back to New Mexico.


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