Friday, February 02, 2007

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

What's wrong with this picture?

In what seems a major change at the State Legislature, the Senate Conservation Committee moved a cockfighting ban measure out to the full Senate with a 5-3 do-pass recommendation. The committee has traditionally been the graveyard for other attempts to ban the “sport” in the state. If the bill clears the Senate and House and if the governor signs it, New Mexico will join every other state, except Louisiana, in outlawing game fowl fights.

The governor has joined Archbishop Michael Sheean, in supporting the ban. He is seen here leaving the state of the state address, opening the legislature a couple of weeks ago.

So what's wrong with this picture?

This is Pahl Shipley, the newly appointed Director of Communications for the Richardson for President campaign. Seen here, left, with the governor upon his return from his diplomatic effort to the Dufar region of Sudan. Shipley had been Richardson’s spokesman prior to announcing his run for president 12 days ago.

It seems Richardson has upset his otherwise friendly nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Don Imus, yesterday. Imus is a part time resident of Ribera, a small town northeast of Santa Fe, where he and his brother, Fred, run a ranch and summer camp. Imus insists it be called a "working ranch," for children suffering from cancer and other diseases.

Imus is upset with the governor for not moving quickly on helping transform an old schoolhouse in Ribera into a community center. Read all about it at where you will be directed to a video and to Imus’ blog,; you can listen to the seven-minute rant. Richardson was scheduled to be on the show Thursday, but the flap caused the Democratic presidential candidate to cancel.

Imus, in addition to calling ‘Big Bill” fat, was particularly irritated with the governor’s staff, including Shipley. The "I man” called the campaign staff, “not ready for prime time,” when they insisted he apologize to Richardson.

Imus gave me a Spanish lesson as he taught me how to say, "Beso mi culo!” translation; “Kiss my Ass!”

If you worry that game fowl fighting is about to be outlawed; don’t fret, nature abhors a vacuum. Just stay tuned for more Imus – Richardson – in the morning. Feathers will surely fly.

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