Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lee Logan

What's wrong with this picture?

This is Lee Logan, left, who hosts "The Drive" afternoon talk show on The New Talk FM, 106.3 KAGM, an American General Media radio station. He’s an interesting person I recently met.

Logan has a couple of side-kicks: Dennis Domrzalski, right, reports news and acts as his foil and joins in on interviews; Jessica Owens engineers the show and joins in the discussions.

In January, Logan and his wife Nikki Courtney moved to Albuquerque from Tennessee. She writes the news for Diane Anderson, former KOAT Action 7 news anchor, who is partnered with Larry Ahrens on his “Wake up New Mexico” morning show. Courtney is also the afternoon producer, booking guests for her husband’s show. That’s how I got to meet Logan. This blog caught her attention and Courtney invited me to join Logan for an on air chat.

We talked for about 20 minutes over the half hour between five and five-thirty on Wednesday, July 26. Logan’s first topic was about the recently defeated Charter ethics provision sponsored by City Councillor Brad Winter, which failed when three Councillors voted against it. Seven of the nine Councillors must vote to amend the City’s Charter. Logan wanted to know what I thought of Winter’s bill.

I knew this was headed towards the next question, of what I thought of Councillor Sally Mayer’s counter bill. I took the conversation away from that catfight by suggesting that the citizens were not well served by the knee-jerk reactions towards ethics in the community and state. I suggested reform needed to start from scratch with a large diverse group of non politicians, with a few politicos; to study, find well working systems and in particular teach ethics to every elected and appointed officials, board members and every city employee.

Logan also talked about the back room appointment of John Dendahl as the Republican’s replacement candidate for governor by the State’s Central Committee without all its members being properly notified. Less than a third of the 350 members attended the meeting.

The last topic was the issue of photo red light and photo radar cameras and the City’s non judicial procedures to suck $100-$450 out of citizen’s wallets.

It was a good conversation and I was invited to come back. An offer I will gladly accept.

So, what's wrong with this picture?

If you go to the 106.3 Talk FM’s website and look at the on air staff, you will not find a picture of Logan.

So here I let everyone see what Logan actually looks like. I offer this picture for the station’s use, until he gets one he might like better.

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