Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Harry Kinney

What's wrong with this picture?

I first photographed him about 1970 when he was on the City Commission seen here with fellow Commissioner G.P. Reyes.

Kinney’s not around anymore… he passed yesterday at 81.

He was always a quiet but friendly guy.

A politician for sure, he shook everyones hand.

I photographed him on the campaign trail with his fellow City Commissioner Pete Dominici during the 1970 gubernatorial race against Bruce King. Dominici lost but was elected U.S. Senator in 1972. Kinney became a legislative aid to Dominici until he was elected Albuquerque's first mayor in 1974.

He played the role of Ben Franklin convincingly in some theatrical event honoring the Bicentennial.

He was Mayor when I joined police department and he handed me my commission when I graduated the academy in 1976.

In 1978, I took this picture of him giving Officer Phil Chacon an award for his work as a community relations officer in Chief of Police Bob Stover’s office who is looking on. Kinney was from Raton, a small town in Northeastern N.M.

Kinney was always enthusiastic about hot-air balloons in the city and amongst the ballooning community, will be missed. His efforts put the Balloon Fiesta on the international stage. When traveling abroad and talking to the natives they didn’t know where Albuquerque was until I told them it was where all the balloons flew. Harry did that!

This picture was taken within the last year while he sat on the City’s Ethics Board.

Enough said... Harry Kinney was good for Albuquerque.

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